(Português) Cerveja Falada no “Filmes que voam” (2011)

O curta-metragem já está disponível para venda. Além do documentário, diversos extras produzidos especialmente para o DVD. Para adquirir, entre em contato.

(Português) Curta-metragem “Pequenos Desencontros” (2011)

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(Português) 12° Catavídeo (2010)

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Show “As criadas” (2010)

In 2009, the project “As Criadas” was the winner of the prize Myrian Muniz de Teatro da Funarte (Federal Government), in the South Region. The debut was on April 14, 2010, and it will be followed by presentations in different cities of Santa Catarina thanks to the funds received as a prize. The show “As Criadas” is produced by Esfera Produções Artísticas and EmCena Multiarte, with copyrights licensed by ABRAMUS – Associação Brasileira de Música e Artes, and support by Exato Segundo Produções Artísticas. More information at www.ascriadas.com.

Book “A Linguagem do Vídeo” (2009) (2009)

The book “A Linguagem do Vídeo”, by Ricardo Weschenfelder, with the imprint of Garapuvu book publisher, was published by a project from the Fundo Municipal de Cinema de Florianópolis, with the production of Alquimídia.org and Exato Segundo Produções Artísticas. Published in pocket format, the book covers the history of video art, language characteristics and expressions, and the interplay between video and movies.

The 11th Catavídeo Exhibition (2009)

In 2009, the main exhibition of independent audiovisual arts in Santa Catarina reached its eleventh edition. Throughout its journey, about 800 works produced in Santa Catarina or by Santa Catarina producers have been shown. More information at www.alquimidia.org/catavideo

Cascaes 100 + 1 (2009)

The 101th Franklin Cascaes’ birthday was celebrated with a free programme entirely dedicated to the public. The exhibition “Cascaes em trânsito” brought reproductions of Cascaes drawings, sculptures and manuscripts to Terminal de Integração do Centro (TICEN) bus station. As part of the event, plays, movies exhibitions, drawing classes, among other activities were performed. At the same time, the peripatetic musical show “Festa para Cascaes!” was performed five times in communities in Florianópolis. More information at www.exatosegundo.com.br/cascaes.

(Português) Franklin Cascaes: Metamorfoses imagéticas (2009)

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Movie produced by Exato Segundo was shown in 20 Brazilian states (2008)

The short film “Sorria você está sendo filmado”, produced and released by Exato Segundo in 2003, directed by Chico Caprário, had its contract renewed with SESC Nacional. The short film was shown during over two years in seven states in SESC units, and it has now had its exhibition expanded to 20 states in Brazil, for another two years. The importance of this initiative is simple: the movie distribution, one of the biggest problems for audiovisual projects in Brazil, is enhanced by this partnership, since SESC has one of the best exhibition networks. Recently, SESC joined the Ministry of Culture project “Programadora Brasil” (http://www.programadorabrasil.org.br/)