Who are we?

Exato Segundo Produções Artísticas is a company entirely dedicated to art and culture. Our principle is to implement projects that have conception and research as key points of the creation process.

What do we do?

All the steps necessary to produce cultural and artistic activities: project development and design, fundraising and production. We also look after regular projects, such as Mostra de Vídeos Catarinenses – Catavídeo (Santa Catarina Video Exhibition – Catavídeo), which is already on its 12th edition.

What have we done?

Created in 2002, Exato Segundo Produções Artísticas has produced several projects such as the short film “Sorria, você está sendo filmado”, the plays “Enfim, um líder” and “Escaparate” (Erro Grupo), the art exhibition “Asp sem Verniz”, among others. The company operates with audiovisual techniques, visual arts, theater, music and interdisciplinary activities like the programme for Franklin Cascaes’ Centenary.

What are we going to do?

In 2010, our movies “Cerveja Falada” and “Ovonovelo” will be released in Brazil. In July and August, a big exhibition of works by Franklin Cascaes took place in Florianópolis, in association with Associação de Amigos do Museu Universitário (UFSC). The twelfth edition of Mostra de Vídeos Catarinenses – Catavídeo (Santa Catarina Video Exhibition – Catavídeo) will take place in November. The short film “Pequenos Desencontros”, now in pre-production, will be released in 2011.