Project drafting and design

The fundamental step of drafting and design defines the objectives according to a budget plan and an implementation schedule. Objectives and action strategies are established, as well as distribution and press releases for projects. Such information should be submitted to the agency and/or the company responsible for the funds. There are several types of culture incentive laws, funds, public and corporate announcements for artistic and cultural projects sponsorship.

Fund raising

Fund raising an intermediate step between project drawing and formatting and its implementation. This is one of the most difficult steps because it involves relations with both the public sector (incentive laws manager) and the private sector (corporations that are qualified to sponsor the project). It requires knowledge of municipal, state and/or federal laws related to the incentive laws where the project is registered, the drawing of commercial projects and tax return planning for the sponsor.


When the project is approved and resources are available, the production staff has to manage the execution of all steps in the action strategies for the project. This work must be done according to the budget plan and execution schedule, establishing quality standards and democratization to the access of products and services offered. The production is also responsible for human resources management and for press releases both in the public (media) and inside sphere (contacts with sponsors, partners, etc.). In summary, the production staff prepares, executes and reports costs about project goals and resources.